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From 2011 to the present, we have been working hard to serve every customer, we have been constantly improving and developing, thank you for your trust
Company establishment

XXX company officially established

In November 2011, we were established in Shenzhen. At the same time, purchase machinery and equipment, lease workshops, and serve the fields of military industry, aviation, liquid cooling, etc.
2011NOV 11

Three things that affect XXX

Three things happened this year. In cooperation with military enterprises, two-dimensional testing equipment was purchased and added, and a structural design department and a quality inspection department were established.

2012DEC 31

Hong Kong Subsidiary & First International Order

Expand the scale of the enterprise and expand the scope of machining. During the year, it has entered the international market. At the same time, we got our first customer outside of China. We had detailed conversations and ended up in a partnership with it in June 2018.

2013JUL 21

Radar housing structure

Through the introduction of a friend, I obtained the cooperation of a Japanese professional license radar sensor technology company, mainly responsible for the processing and surface treatment of radar structural precision parts, and provide them with the processing of electronic casings, parts and accessories.

2014OCT 15

UAV structures and reinforced housings

In September 2019, this is our first overseas cooperation customer in navigation. We talked about the design, structure, and processing details for a month, and finally successfully reached a cooperative relationship to provide customers with the processing and production of instrument housings.

2015MAY 10

Military rugged chassis product processing

After the introduction of the magnesium alloy research institute, it has successfully reached a good cooperative relationship with domestic special aviation enterprises, mainly responsible for the precision machining of the fuselage and parts

2014OCT 15
Work is booming, stay tuned for more