choose aluminum alloy machining

CNC milling is widely used in today is society, and many parts of various products used by people are processed by CNC milling.

choose aluminum alloy machining

Why choose aluminum alloy CNC machining

Among all CNC milling parts, aluminum alloy CNC milling parts are the most used.

This article will tell you why we choose aluminum to make CNC milling parts, and we will also talk about the process and advantages of aluminum CNC milling parts. List:

1. Reasons for choosing aluminum

2. Manufacturing process of aluminum CNC milling parts

Third, the advantages of aluminum alloy CNC milling parts Reasons to choose aluminum

Aluminum is a lightweight, non-magnetic silver metal that can be formed into almost any shape. It can be rolled into thick sheet for armored cans or thin foil for packaging. It is also available wired and canned. Pure aluminum is softer and has limited strength. Small amounts of elements such as copper, magnesium and/or zinc are added to increase strength. Aluminum is the third most abundant element in the Earth's crust, after oxygen and silicon. It is a relatively new industrial metal that has been commercialized for over 100 years.

The process of making aluminum CNC milled parts

Aluminum alloy parts have good cutting performance, but during the milling process, if the process plan or settings are improper, the parts are easily deformed, resulting in dimensional errors. Rough-finishing schemes are usually used. The specific process flow is as follows: blank→rough turning→rough milling→aging→finishing→finishing milling.

(1) Rough milling of workpiece cavity

The main purpose is to remove the large allowance and lay the foundation for the later equipment. This process needs to mill the inner contour according to the part structure drawing, and pre-finish the reference hole required by the precision machining.

(2) High-speed finishing process of workpiece cavity

In the process of high-speed milling, due to the small cutting force, the deformation of the parts can be reduced, which is more suitable for aluminum alloy workpieces, and the chips are cut off in a short time, most of the cutting heat is taken away by the chips, and the thermal deformation of the workpiece is small. Conducive to the dimensional accuracy of parts.

(3) Drilling process of workpiece reference hole


The selection of aluminum parts takes the center hole as the reference hole, the center hole is boring after the outer circle of the lathe, and the reference hole must be completed before the precision cavity.

Advantages of aluminum CNC milling parts 

The combination of light weight, strength and ductility make aluminum CNC milled parts an ideal material for transportation applications. It is used in automotive, aircraft, rail and marine applications, as well as in the manufacture of fuel-efficient engines for cars and trucks. It is lightweight and reduces fuel consumption and emissions.

Aluminum structure absorbs most of the shock caused by automobile accidents.

It is non-toxic and can be wrapped in thin foil and cooked in a container for non-acidic food safety. Aluminum cookware is easy to lift, requires less heat than stainless steel or cast iron, and heats up quickly and evenly.

Aluminum contributes to corrosion-resistant and low-maintenance buildings. Aluminium products are used for new builds and renovations. Because of their strength and portability, they are used in earthquake-prone areas. It is also a good reflector and is often used for lighting.

Robust aluminum CNC milled parts withstand extreme pressure and the stresses of high altitude flight. Wafers keep cool and air in. Many interior components, such as seats on aircraft, are made of aluminum or aluminum composites to reduce weight, thereby saving fuel, reducing emissions and increasing the aircraft's payload.

This versatile metal can be drawn into fine wire, commonly used in products such as light bulbs and telephone wires. Most long-distance high-voltage overhead transmission and distribution lines are also made of aluminum.

On top of all the information we provide in this article, you will learn why many people choose aluminum to produce CNC milled parts, you will also learn how to produce great aluminum CNC milled parts, and last but not least, At the end of this article, we inform you of the advantages of aluminum parts. We hope you make the right decision after reading this article.

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