Brass screw cnc turning parts

When the brass screw is used to process CNC turning parts, the surface of the screw should be lubricated with cutting fluid or emulsion.

Brass screw cnc turning parts

When there are defects such as rust and oxide scale on the surface of the CNC turning parts that affect the life of the tool, it must be cleaned with a grinding wheel or oil stone. When machining copper sleeve parts, in order to avoid burns and sticking of the workpiece caused by direct contact between the workpiece and the lead screw, the indexing head fixture can be used for clamping.

During the installation process of the screw rod, it is necessary to prevent bending deformation and twisting and other phenomena, and pay attention to maintaining its concentricity and position accuracy. 

The screw should be handled with care when loading and unloading; it should not be bumped and smashed during handling; it should be padded with wooden boards or other soft objects during storage to prevent deformation and scratches on the surface. If the lead screw is found to be severely worn or cracked during use, it should be replaced with new parts in time (usually every six months), so as not to damage other parts and reduce the accuracy of the machine tool and reduce production efficiency and work quality.

Copper sleeve is a commonly used connecting shaft component in automobiles. It is a hollow annular part composed of an inner hole and an outer cylindrical surface. Due to the complex shape and small size of the copper sleeve (diameter is generally φ3~6mm) , so its machining is more difficult. Here are some common machining methods:

1. Rolling method:

install the processed cylindrical blank on the press machine and install a special rolling head to roll the outer diameter of the copper sleeve. The characteristics of this method are that the equipment is relatively simple, the investment is low, and the efficiency is high. , It is easy to realize mechanized automatic production. But this process is only suitable for small batch production and large batch semi-finishing products.

2. Broaching method: A machining method that

uses a broaching machine to make relative motions to the machined inner hole and outer cylindrical surface to release the residual stress on the machined surface and reduce the residual stress.

3. Extrusion method: The method

of using the extrusion die to extrude the inner hole and outer cylindrical surface of the copper sleeve with a larger outer diameter to reduce the size is called the extrusion process method.

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