Small batch CNC machining

We are a professional CNC machining custom manufacturer, accepting 1~10000 pieces of precision CNC machining services

What is Small batch CNC machining?

Single-piece and small-batch CNC machining is a typical order-to-order production (MTO), and its characteristics are similar to single-piece production. Therefore, in a sense, the statement of "single piece and small batch processing" is more in line with the actual situation of the enterprise.

It is composed of customized product production single-piece and small batch production units.

CNC machining lathes

CNC Milling Services

CNC milling produces excellent machined parts from metals magnesium alloys, aluminum alloys, stainless steel and plastics.

metals magnesium alloys, aluminum alloys, stainless steel, and plastics

CNC Turning Services

For cylindrical parts such as pins, shafts, and spacers, or parts with general rotational symmetry, "turn" them on a CNC lathe.

About Our Small Batch Machining Service

We provide low-volume CNC turning and CNC milling services, dedicated to providing high-quality custom parts that strictly meet your design requirements and specifications through high-volume low-volume manufacturing services

We offer a wide range of manufacturing services for low-volume production needs of metal and plastic parts, including CNC machining, injection molding, metal casting, sheet metal fabrication, and more, as well as one-stop surface treatment options.

Our extensive manufacturing experience and resource integration capabilities can meet your processing needs and provide low-volume manufacturing processes through state-of-the-art facilities to meet any project requirement.

ISO 9001 certified quality control: Our strict quality control process and advanced inspection equipment ensure that your parts always meet the required quality standards.

Features of small batch CNC machining

1. The product manufacturing cycle is long and the order period is long.

2. Generalized equipment, many people, low production efficiency and low labor productivity.

3. High cost.

4. The product quality is easy to guarantee.

Comparison of small batch production and mass production

The single-piece small batch production method and the large-scale mass production method are typical production methods. The advantages of mass production with its low cost, high efficiency and high quality make it difficult for general medium mass production to compete with it. Single-piece and small-batch production has firmly established itself in the market with its innovative and unique products. There are three main reasons:

1. All kinds of machinery and equipment used in mass production are special-purpose equipment, and special-purpose equipment is manufactured in the form of single-piece small-batch production.

2. With the rapid advancement of technology and the increasing competition, the product life cycle is getting shorter and shorter, and a large number of new products have become the key for enterprises to win the competitive advantage.

Even if a new product needs to be mass-produced, in the stage of research and trial production, various improvements have to be made in its structure, performance, and specifications, and it can only be produced in small batches of single pieces.

3. Most of the products manufactured in small batches are means of production, such as large ships, power station boilers, chemical refining equipment, assembly line production equipment in automobile factories, etc. They are the means for new production activities.